50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel Stand

SKU: 551000200A8081

Sale price$55.19 USD

Product Specs

  • Depth 20.6"
  • Height 10.1"
  • Weight 6 lbs
  • Width 27"
  • Material 100% Recycled Plastic (Commercial Grade UV Stabilized Polyethylene)


Embrace nature's solution to our emerging water shortage and explore all the opportunities that fresh, soft and free rainwater has to offer! Our Rain Barrel Stand raises the rain barrel spigot of a RTS Home Accents Rain Barrel further off the ground. The Rain Barrel Stand makes it easier to fill watering cans and for general use. The tough and rigid design holds the weight of a full rain barrel and is designed to work with all Flat Back Rain Barrels from RTS Home Accents.

  • Designed to work with all RTS Home Accents Flat Back Rain Barrels
  • Sits flat against a wall
  • Improves general use of the rain barrel and allows easier access to the spigot
  • Proudly manufactured using 100% recycled plastic
  • Manufactured from commercial grade UV stabilized polyethylene to be durable and impact resistant
  • BPA free
**Note: Only compatible with the 50 Gallon Flat Back Rain Barrel and 50 Gallon Eco Flat Back Rain Barrel from RTS Home Accents. NOT compatible with the 55 Gallon Premium Flat Back Rain Barrel with Removable Lid from RTS Home Accents or rain barrels from other manufacturers.

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